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ACOG® Crossbow Scope

ACOG® Crossbow Scope

Price: $1,093.00

The Trijicon ACOG® Crossbow Scope Equipped with the Bad River Outdoors patented ranging system is the first truly high performance optic designed specifically for crossbows. It utilizes the same platform as the legendary Trijicon ACOG®, so it’s tough, accurate and reliable, too----thanks to Trijicon’s battery-free dual-illumination of fiber optics and tritium. At 5.89 ounces, it stands as the lightest weight magnified crossbow optic on the market.

To meet the demands of today’s high-performance crossbows, it’s available with three reticle options that accommodate speeds from 300 fps to 450 fps. Each specially designed reticle features bolt drop stadia lines (out to 80 yards) designed to deliver the accuracy of a BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) equipped long-range riflescope. Bad River Outdoors’ deer/elk ranging capabilities are also built into each reticle. Together they provide the ability for ranging and hold-over, all in the field of view; the first reticle of its kind on the market.

The reticle was designed so that the user can keep their eyes on the prize, at the ready, to calculate distance and use the bolt drop compensated reticle in 5 yard increments. The three reticles below are based on crossbow speed.

To determine the distance using the patented Bad River Outdoors ranging system simply hold the long horizontal cross hair on the belly/rib cage of the animal and read the back on the small back bars above. Once you have determined the distance simply go to your appropriate crosshair .

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  • Range Finding Reticle
  • Bolt Drop Compensated Reticle
  • Premium Glass
  • Lightweight Ruggedness
  • Totally Battery Free
  • Broadband Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses
  • Trijicon Fiber Optics
  • Trijicon Tritium-Phosphor Lamp
  • Internally Adjustable
  • Waterproof

Range in 3 Simple Steps Range in three simple steps 1 - Hold the bottom 2 - Read the back 3 - Goto the apprpriate Cross Hair

Three variations based on Bow Speed Acog sights come in three variations based on crossbow speed

NOTE: Base not included.

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