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Encroacher - Licking Branch System

Encroacher - Licking Branch System

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The Encroacher Licking Branch System

The Encroacher puts you in control of a deer's travel pattern.

  • Sets up in seconds on any tree
  • Use with your favorite buck lure
  • Legal on all state lands
  • Best when used in sets

How to Setup the Encroacher

* For best results use unscented gloves and boots while setting up Encroacher.

  1. Select a tree in an area bucks frequently use between bedding area and feeding area where you can encroach his domain.
  2. Place encroacher open end up against tree approximately 4 to 6 feet off the ground.
  3. Run ratchet strap through open slots of encroacher, around the tree and back to the ratchet part of the strap.
  4. Ratchet down tightly so encroacher is at about a 40° angle from tree.
  5. Select a 5 to 10 foot branch or sapling approximately 1 inch in diameter at base.
  6. Slide branch in open end of encroacher until it bottoms out on plug and tighten set screw.
  7. Place liquid scent such as indigital gland or fore head gland at end of the branch. Clear the ground from debris under the tip of branch in an area 3 to 4 foot in diameter. Place scent such as buck or doe urine in dirt.
  8. Spray down area with sent eliminating sprays when finished.
  9. Place Treestand within shooting distance of set up and put your BUCK DOWN!

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